Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a tablet and a subscription?

The tablet is for Rs. 16,000/- and comes with a bundle of FREE accessories that are worth Rs 2500/- (charger, tablet cover, screen protector, headphones, and stylus).

The subscription for the English, Maths, and Urdu KG course is Rs. 12,000/- for 6 months.

Can we only get the subscription? As we already have a tablet

The Team Taleem learning app is very interactive and graphic intensive. It requires certain specifications of hardware to work on, hence we recommend using the tablets that we provide as we have tested it thoroughly on it. For other tablets, we cannot guarantee if the learning app will work error-free.

In case, you have a tablet and want to use that, feel free to fill the enrolment form, and someone from our team will get in touch to see if that can be used.

Do you have any warranty for the tablet?

We use new tablets that are thoroughly checked before sending out to customers. In case there is a hardware/software issue, we can resolve those for you.

For a formal warranty of one year, you will have to pay additional and it does not cover damage by the user.

If we plan to exceed the subscription, how much will be the charges for the new subscriptions?

The additional charges of Rs. 1000/- per month will be charged for extending the subscription.

Can we teach more than one child from the same tablet and subscription?

Yes, the tablet can accommodate 3 learners. Each learner will have there own user ID and subscription.

Can I get the subscription on my phone?

The Team Taleem learning app needs a certain screen size and hardware specification to be used effectively. It will not work on mobile devices.

What is the course outline?

The complete course outlines are mentioned on the respective course pages. Please find the links below.

English: https://www.teesquare.org/english/

Urdu: https://www.teesquare.org/urdu/

Maths: https://www.teesquare.org/math/

Is it replacing the concept of tuition? If yes, how?

The learning app has a comprehensive, structured content and can be used as a primary source of learning for the child.

It can also be used as a replacement for tuitions as the child can learn at their own pace and redo the video lessons and worksheets until he/she is confident about the topic.

What age group children can study from your learning app?

Children from age 3 years onwards can use the learning app. The younger the child the more supervision and support they will require at home.

How much time does one need to devote every day or week to finish all the courses over 6 months?

We suggest that child spends 45 minutes per course. That will make it to about 2hours 15mins per day if the child has to cover all 3 courses. The child should finish one level per course per day, so will need 5 days a week to finish to complete the course in 6 months.

The learning app gives the flexibility to do this in one sitting, or multiple sittings during the day. We understand that keeping the attention of young, energetic souls is challenging, so each one can choose the time according to their own preferences.

How old should the child be to enroll in the Team Taleem program?

We recommend the minimum age requirement is 3+ years old to enroll in the Team Taleem program.

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