Course Outline

This course is designed to develop mathematical concepts, make connections, think critically, solve problems
and apply knowledge and skill to every day situation, and after completion of this course they will learn:

  • Counting numbers up to 50 by reading , matching and counting
  • Tracing of numbers leading to independently writing upto 50
  • Count backwards 20-0
  • What comes before and after a number
  • What comes between two numbers
  • Compare and order number-1 and 2 digit.
  • Recognize the place values of numbers (tens and ones)
  • Add 1 and 2 more to a number and count
  • Ordinal numbers and Identify position of objects using ordinal numbers up to 10.
  • Comparing two or more groups in terms of number of objects.
  • Comparing more or less objects in two groups
  • Basic shapes – circle, square, oval, triangle and rectangle
  • Pattern and patterns of 2 and 3
  • Single, pair and sets
  • Length of object and compare long and short
  • Size of object and compare big and small

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