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TeeSquare is an edTech, focused on creating technology solutions for early education. Our team is driven to transforming Education in Pakistan using technology to give others a better chance at tomorrow.


Our young growing population promises a huge demand economy but offers poor quality of workforce, untrained and raw, falling behind in a world that assumes universal education. At TeeSquare we want to repaint this picture – Using self-learning solutions, scalable using affordable technology to provide quality educational opportunities for all regardless of their age, geographical location and background.

If you want to be part of an educational revolution in Pakistan, apply for an open position or write to us and share your aspirations for any future roles.

Open Roles

Academic Coordinator
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or a related field.

  • Working experience of 1-3 years with basic to intermediate proficiency in curriculum design, lesson planning, and related research.

  • Strong understanding of National Curriculum Standards.

  • Experience Level in Education: Primary to Secondary.

  • Strong communication, collaboration, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills


Send your resume to [email protected]. Please mention job title in the subject of the email.


At TeeSquare our values are based on the pillars of inclusivity, innovation and advocacy

Learner Centric

Learner Centric

We believe in handing over the reins of learning in the learner’s hands. Creating a digital space, where they can navigate through the program at their own pace and according to their own ability.

Special thought has been given in designing content that is purposeful, engaging and user friendly

Learner Centric


We believe education is a right not a privilege- we are driven to using technology to break down invisible barriers that block the road to quality education.

We envision a world where gender, class, status, abilities & resources do not determine the ticket to quality education.

Learner Centric


We believe technology is the modern day magic- it allows us to transcend above and beyond our means for an access to opportunity that was previously not possible.

We plan to continue building on this superpower to help learners reach their full potential

Learner Centric


The cause of education unites us. Ours is not a lone voice, and maybe not even the loudest, but we will raise our voices with purpose and action.

We invite you to join us in furthering this cause as ambassadors, collaborators, positive reinforcers.


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