Refund and Returns Policy

Payments made to M/s TeeSquare would be subjected to the following refund policy.

  • All payments for learning kits and subscription are non-refundable and are not subject to any sort of refund policy.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of product you can ask for refund within 3 days of activation. Company will process your refund after verifying the issue, if found valid, your amount will be refunded within 60 days to your bank account after deduction of 10% administrative charges. Change of course or package is not applicable.
  • If any payment was deemed to be non-refundable, and once received, then the payment cannot be refunded, returned, exchanged or credited against another service.
  • With M/s TeeSquare agreeing to give you a refund, you give up your right to seek any sort of damages via legal proceedings (civil &/or criminal).
  • Once the refund is provided to you, you agree that the matter is amicably settled in full and no other claims or refunds will be entertained.
  • No refunds can be claimed or would be given after three (03) days from the date of receiving product / services.
  • Refund payments will be made and proof-of-payment(s) shall be shown by M/s TeeSquare to the party to whom the refund is being made to.
  • All FX conversions (if any) and/or mid-bank deductions, etc. would be borne by the receiving party.
  • M/s. TeeSquare can request the user to show their bank statement or e-wallet/payments system statement as proof of confirmation of receiving the payment.

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